Parent & Sponsor Formation

The Church has long recognized that parents have the primary responsibility for passing on the Faith to their children. Often times, however, parents do not feel adequately prepared enough to do so. For this reason, St. John Paul II Parish will offer several opportunities for parents to invigorate and enrich their faith through classes and events held at the parish, in the diocese and on line.

Three classes are required for parents and sponsors of candidates for first sacraments. At least one of these classes must be attended in person. (Two classes are requested of parents of students in classes other than sacramental preparation years.) A one- page written summary is required for any sessions completed at home. There are no fees for these classes. Below are some options:

1) Periodically Father Enrique Lopez offers talks at various locations, which are well advertised in advance. Attendance at any of these talks would suffice for one class. Audio recordings and DVDs are available at the office for previous talks given. Check here for upcoming sessions: (Link to home page or where it is advertised.)

2) Two sessions of faith formation for parents will be offered during the school year, one in the first semester, one in the second.

  • Dates: Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 6:00 pm in the classroom.
  • Second Session: TBD

3) Quarterly, the parish will host Theology on Tap. This is an opportunity to fellowship with other parishioners in a casual atmosphere and to ask Fr. Enrique any faith related question you’ve always wanted to ask someone. Check here for upcoming sessions. Each session would count for one class requirement.

4) Saturday Morning Symbolon is a twenty-week review of the Catechism of the Catholic Church presented by the Augustine Institute in an engagingly dynamic format of interviews with leading priests and theologians. It is held from 9:00 am – 11:00 am on the third Saturday of each month in the parish classroom. Each class is a stand-alone class requiring no prior knowledge, so all are invited to attend any session.

5) Wednesday night Bible Study – The parish holds regular classes on Wednesday nights from 6:00 – 7:30. However, these are not stand alone classes; they progress from one to another. Attendance in a full semester would satisfy all formation requirements for the year.

6) The table in the parish office is filled with books and CDs that would satisfy one class each.

7) (hotlink) is a wonderful resource of Catholic books, movies, and audio recordings. Any of these resources would count as one class. There are also multi- session programs. Completion of an entire program would satisfy the requirement for the year. Once opened, you will be asked to enter the parish password, which is W8ZFM4. From there you will be asked to create a profile. Then you are given access to all resources. If you have problems connecting, contact Christy Balsiger.